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Abraham Lincoln Inspirational Quotes Poster - Young N Refined

Abraham Lincoln Inspirational Quotes Poster - Young N Refined

Young N Refined


A great piece of motivational quote art depicting Abraham Lincolns famous words; “My Best Friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read“.

It makes for great hanging wall décor space like; school, home & office. The Image is printed on high-quality paper and laminated with 3 millimetre laminate to extend longevity and durability.

This printed picture is available in three different sizes; 16x20, 18x24 and 22x28. Choose a size that matches your requirements.


  1. Great looking motivational wall art for school, office & home.
  2. Used by teachers & parents to Inspire education of children, promoting the reading of books.
  3. Thick lamination used to protection from water, dust & tears.
  4. Available in all portrait sizes make a great gift item for students and intellectuals.
  5. We accept returns within 30 days no questions asked - Made in USA.
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