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My Feelings My Choices Flip Book Tool for teaching processing 22 different emotions for children (5x6.5) Young N Refined

My Feelings My Choices Flip Book Tool for teaching processing 22 different emotions for children (5x6.5) Young N Refined

Young N Refined

My Feelings My Choices FlipBook Tool for Teaching

Help teach kids all about empathy and emotions with the My Feelings My Choices Flipbook! This book is perfect for helping kids who struggle with social skills to become better at reading people and identifying the ways they are feeling. Kit for Teaching kids to cope with their emotions. This feelings book for toddlers is among the top sensory processing disorder toys. Will make your child smile as they turn through the page and explore their emotions.

  • HELP KIDS LEARN about different moods with this great flipbook.
  • RESOURCE FOR CHILDREN WITH ADHD, AUTISM, OR SENSORY ISSUES learning the handling of their emotion.
  • FLIP THROUGH THE PAGES AS A BOOK or prop it upstanding for better presentation
  • AID FOR PARENTS, THERAPISTS, AND TEACHERS who want to teach correct behavior in school and at home.
  • VIBRANT COLORS AND ILLUSTRATIONS catch the eye and help toddlers learn in a fun and visual way.

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