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Cursive Alphabet Classroom Wall Strip

Cursive Alphabet Classroom Wall Strip

Young N Refined

Wall Strip Cursive Alphabet 

This is very convenient to learn the cursive letter writing skill with this banner made for the young students. The green background & the white foreground color combination used in it is very eye-catching & easier to read from a distance. Uppercase & lowercase letters from A – Z are featured in the same section that helps the students to learn it quickly. Teachers mostly refer to use of the cursive chart to learn this writing ability.

By hanging this poster in Your Student or Child's Classroom, Bedroom, or Study Hall, You will enhance their understanding, advancement, and knowledge of the difference in upper case and lower case letters of the alphabets and the writing abilities.

  • Size of each board is 18x9 inches.
  • A great resource for teachers
  • High-Quality print with thick 3 mil lamination makes it WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT.
  • Works great in Middle-School And Libraries.
  • Great colors and is easily viewed from a distance
  • Made In The USA
  • Easy to place over the chalkboard.
  • Complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters from A- Z
  • All 9 sections combined makes over 13 feet of line, Laminated with 3 Mil Plastic.

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