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George Washington Poster Motivational Quote - Young N Refined

George Washington Poster Motivational Quote - Young N Refined

Young N Refined

Adorn your space with this Inspirational quote by America’s founding father President; George Washington. This banner depicts the president with his famous words that encapsulate US values; "It’s better to offer, no excuse than a bad one". As General in America’s revolution, Washington played a major hand in procuring freedom from the British. And as a political leader, statesman his vision had an influence on the Constitution and direction of liberty in America.

The portrait is available in 16”x20” 18”x24” 22”x28” sizes.  

  1. Inspirational artwork of the 1st president of the United States that inspires everyone.
  2. Very lightweight in design and give a classy look to the home or office wall décor.
  3. The quality paper used to print the portrait and laminated with 3 mil plastic for durability.
  4. A great gift item of revolutionary leader to present on father’s and mother’s day. Available in all sizes.
  5. We accept returns within 30 days no questions asked - Made in USA.


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