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Motivational Malcolm X Quote Poster - Young N Refined

Motivational Malcolm X Quote Poster - Young N Refined

Young N Refined

Surprise your grandchild, parent, brother, sister, son or daughter with a gift of this; Malcolm X quote banner wall art. Depicting the great civil rights thought leader Malcom X and is famous words; “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Demonstrating the value of education and its vitality to our future. Influential words designed to impact students attending school or college. It can be placed in venues such home, school and office to elicit intersectional sympathy and motivation to build a better tomorrow.

Printed on superior quality paper is available in multiple standard frame sizes including: 6x20, 18x24 and 22x28.

  1. Inspirational wall art that inspires the world with words of social justice.
  2. The banner can be easily hanged over the classroom, office and bedroom walls.
  3. Laminated with 3 mil plastic, great protection from water, dust and tears.
  4. A perfect gift item on fathers, mother’s days, The portrait is available in multiple sizes.
  5. We accept returns within 30 days no questions asked - Made in the USA.
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