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Sign Language abc LAMINATED poster Young N Refined

Sign Language abc LAMINATED poster Young N Refined

Young N Refined

Alphabet ASL Chart for the Hearing and Impaired for Teachers and Classrooms.

Help your students avoid frustration by giving the gift of speech through fingerspelling. This Extra huge design is created by teachers to help give verbally challenge people the communication skills they will need to navigate life and learn the English letters. Makes a great aid to the lesson plan. This is an updated version with clearer and more accurate hand signs.

  • Comes In Sizes 15x20, 18x24, Or 24x30
  • Clear ASL alphabet chart for teaching hearing and speaking impaired children to communicate UPDATED.
  • Works well in many teaching environments including homeschooling, classrooms, child's playrooms, and nurseries.
  • High-Quality print with thick 3 mil LAMINATION makes it WATERPROOF and TEAR RESISTANT
  • We accept returns within 30 days no questions asked - Made in the USA.

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 More about this math laminated lesson display.

Every child has a unique developmental and learning process. Educational experts agree that counting with children is the first step to learning math and a building block for many early concepts. Counting is the first mathematical pattern learners encounter. From here, they begin to count backward which is a step towards subtraction and they'll also count in twos, fives, and tens which are a foundation for multiplication.

We may take for granted that our children will inevitably learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. However, research suggests that early math learning establishes the base for the rest of their thinking lives. This counting to 100 Laminated Charts for Classrooms will come to great use in your classroom!

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